What's the life span of a battery in an EV?

I am becoming more interested in purchasing an electric car and at the age of 72 and a low mileage driver want it to last a long time. I imagine that the battery in an electric car is a lot different from those in my Volvo diesel. However, is there any information as to the likely life span of the battery in an electric car? Also, how will they dispose of used batteries?

Asked on 17 September 2019 by nick jones

Answered by Andrew Brady
Most manufacturers will provide a warranty of eight to 10 years for their EV batteries. While batteries lose capacity over time, if the capacity drops below a certain level within this time frame, they'll replace them. It's worth bearing in mind that they don't usually fail outright, so even after 10 years they're unlikely to suddenly stop working. Having said that, EV battery tech is developing quite rapidly so it might more sense to lease an electric car or buy one on PCP finance and replace it after three years. Manufacturers are working on different ways to recycle used batteries - Nissan, for example, is using old EV batteries in home energy storage units connected to solar panels.
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