Volvo V50 steering worries

I recently exchanged a C30 Volvo to purchase a 56 plate Volvo V50 2.0 Sport from Sturgess of Leicester. On the test drive before I agreed to purchase the car I pointed out to the salesman that the steering seemed to pull to the left and was very susceptible to changing road surface conditions, something I have never experienced with any other of the five Volvos I have owned over the years.

When I collected the car some days later there were a number of bodywork and interior faults, including some obvious paint damage, all of which the salesman said would be rectified if I left the car with them for a few days - which I did - when a check on the steering would also be carried out.

Since taking eventual final delivery of the car, I notice that the steering wheel is still not in correct alignment when driving in a straight line, and the car still has that almost extreme bias to react to any road surface variations, and I have to keep control of the wheel more than I have ever had to do before. The garage told me to "monitor" it for a while but I am worried there may be something more serious than I am able to identify.

Should I trust them to carry out necessary corrective action or should I take the car to another dealership for checks to be made? An earlier letter to the MD merely solicited the answer that if I left the car with them they would check it out. I am extremely disappointed that such a prestigious dealership should allow any vehicle to leave it's premises with so many faults.

Asked on 2 January 2011 by bob mac

Answered by Honest John
It might have been crashed. But the obvious first step is to swap the front tyres side to side and if that does not work, swap the tyres front to back. If that still does not work the car has an alignment problem that might be due to crash damage.
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