Tyres wearing swiftly

I would like to know where I stand legally with a manufacturing issue outside warranty.

The 2005 Swift had issues with a certain batch of rear axles which had a rear toe angle about +3 degrees more than it should be. This has been verified by a Suzuki dealership. There is documented evidence on Suzuki's forums of this being a known issue. I did not recognise it as an issue as the car only has 18000 miles on the clock despite it being an '05 car.

If it was picked up under warranty, I'm certain that Suzuki would have corrected the issue but since the car only had around 5500 miles on it when it was just outside warranty, it wasn't detectable nor was it picked up by any services at the dealership at the time. We bought the car from an independent dealer after the warranty expired.

At the moment it is on course to use up a set of new rear tyres in 7000-8000 miles of mostly motorway driving.

Asked on 1 June 2011 by ckosmas

Answered by Honest John
I don't see where you can take this. Possibly to the dealer who originally sold you the car, but there is generally no liability for anything after 6 years.
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