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Can we keep our DSG automatic in D when held on the handbrake?

We are about to buy a Volkswagen T-Cross DSG which has a manual handbrake. In London we have a lot of traffic lights and historically we have kept the auto in drive and just put the handbrake on. We continued that practice with an Audi S tronic with electronic handbrake, that was even better as the handbrake came off automatically. What options do we have at traffic lights and how would they affect the gearbox?

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If you're only going to be stopped for a short time, I'd suggest keeping your foot on the brake and leaving it in drive. Ignore the handbrake. This will keep your brake lights illuminated, which will make you more visible to traffic behind, but isn't very considerate if it's dark and there's a car stopped behind you. If you're going to be stopped for a longer period, apply the handbrake and move the gear lever to neutral.
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