What winter wheels and tyres will fit my Hyundai Tucson?

You gave me very good advice when I changed to winter wheels and tyres from the normal supplied ones to my Honda CR-V. The winter wheels are R18 continental all weather. I have just bought a new Hyundai Tucson with 17-inch wheels and rather than sell my winter wheels and tyres I would like to fit them to my new Hyundai. I also purchased a space saver wheel and tyre when I bought the Honda. Will this also fit the Hyundai?

Asked on 30 July 2019 by sand dancer

Answered by Honest John
The Honda has 18-inch alloy wheels with 225/60 R18 tyres. I'm presuming your Hyundai is a Tucson on 17-inch alloys with 225/60 R17 tyres. Obviously, your 18-inch tyres will not fit the 17-inch rims. I can't tell you if the Honda 18-inch wheels will fit the Tucson. I can tell you that from 2017 the Tucson was available with 18-inch alloy wheels and 225/55 R18 tyres.

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