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We need a practical family car for £20,000 - what do you suggest?

I need to buy my wife a family car that will cope with two children under two years old and all the paraphernalia that goes with them, including a double buggy. We probably drive less than 10000 miles a year and prefer automatic. The car would ideally be less than three years old and our budget is around £20000. Also could we get a hybrid for this budget?

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You could get a last-generation Toyota RAV4 hybrid for that budget, but it's not particularly good. There's also the Toyota C-HR, but it's not very practical. I'd scrap the requirement for a hybrid and buy a Kia Sportage with the T-GDI petrol engine and DCT automatic gearbox. It's a very practical choice and your budget will get you a 2017 model, meaning it will have the remainder of its seven-year warranty. If you need something a bit bigger, consider a Honda CR-V.
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