Should I change from diesel to petrol?

I bought my diesel Toyota Yaris new in 2011. I’m 70 next year and may be doing more short journeys than long ones - not so good for a diesel engine plus diesel is now more expensive than petrol. Should I exchange my Yaris now for a new, or one-year-old petrol car or is it be best to hold onto it?

Asked on 26 June 2019 by Teresa Fisher

Answered by Andrew Brady
It sounds like a petrol would be a better choice for the kind of driving you do. I'd expect your car to be worth around £3500 if you sell it privately (you can get a more accurate valuation here: You won't get as much for it if you part-exchange, but it's a lot less hassle than having to deal with private buyers visiting your house to view the car. It depends how comfortable you are dealing with that. I'd expect a diesel Yaris that's been cared for as well as yours would be a pretty easy car to sell, so it might be worth attempting a private sale. Diesels are out of fashion at the moment, but there's definitely still a market for them.

As for its replacement, my money would go on a smaller Kia Picanto, a Honda Jazz or maybe another Yaris. If you decide to keep hold of your car, make sure your regularly drive at motorway speeds for extended periods (30 minutes plus) and you should avoid any DPF issues.
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