I bought a car that doesn't have metallic paint as stated when I purchased it - where do I stand?

I bought a one-year-old vehicle from Motorpoint and it was stated as having metallic paint. However, I recently discovered that it hasn’t and alerted this fact to Motorpoint, which was within six months of purchase. I believe under The Consumer Rights Act 2015 this is not as described and within 30 days of purchase I could have asked them for a full refund. But I wasn’t aware of the fault within this time, although clearly the fault was there from day one of purchase. Within six months of purchase I believe I can ask for a replacement, and I have asked them to put me back in the position I should have been in from day one. They are refusing to do this, and have offered £100 as a gesture of goodwill.

Asked on 8 June 2019 by SM

Answered by Honest John
Solid colours are now clearcoated in the same way as metallics so there is not necessarily any difference in price or value. I think their offer of £100 in compensation is entirely reasonable, especially at this late stage. I can't pre-judge how a Small Claims judge would rule, but if you took the matter to Small Claims and lost you could be liable not only for your court costs but also their's.
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