Is there a diesel PHEV on the market?

I need to change cars as my working and domestic use is changing. My domestic local use suits an EV but my work use a diesel for a 10,000/30,000 split. The local mileage is short family taxi runs, groceries shopping, commutes to the station etc
My work use is generally commuting to an airport or a distant work site. I have looked carefully at recent work trips and an EV like the Tesla S but that won’t work as the charging network can’t reliably support a drive across the country. Vehicles such as the Mitsubishi PHEV seem to be ideal for local use but hindered by the small petrol engine hauling a lot of battery around which reduces overall economy on a long journey. Is there a decent diesel PHEV on the market?

Asked on 5 June 2019 by Estilla

Answered by Andrew Brady
Mercedes-Benz offers a diesel-electric plug-in hybrid E-Class, with a C-Class version set to follow later in the year. It sounds like it'd suit your requirements well. The E 300 de can travel up to 34 miles under electric power alone, which should be enough for your local journeys - while its diesel engine should ensure you see more than 50mpg on a run. It's a really good car and would be a lovely choice for covering high miles.
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