Should we buy a PHEV to replace our diesel estate?

We have a Toyota Avensis Estate diesel which was bought new in May 2014. We followed the then-Government's advice to buy a diesel car. We assume the car has no resale value so would you advise us to change it now or "run it into the ground"? If we change it, should we consider buying a hybrid or plug-in hybrid? We travel around 10000 miles a year.

Asked on 12 September 2019 by Ann Miller

Answered by Andrew Brady
There will still be some value in a 2014 Avensis Estate - look here for a valuation: Whether to change it now depends on your requirements - 10,000 miles isn't a huge amount but, if they're mainly on the motorway, a diesel might make sense. Diesels are also better if you need to tow. If you decide it is time to look for a new car, a hybrid or plug-in hybrid might work for you. Plug-in hybrids work best if most of your journeys are short (below 30 miles, for example) and you can charge at home. A standard hybrid isn't as suited to motorway driving as a diesel, but should be economical day-to-day. Don't dismiss a new petrol car, either, they're generally very efficient now.
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