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If you need to know your car's value and need to know it quick - look no further. Our used car prices are updated every day, based on what we're seeing in the used car market. It means that you get the most up-to-date car valuation that you can, so that you have a good sense of the car's guide price.

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Don't know the registration? Get used car prices by make and model >>>

Why should I get a car valuation?

Buying You need a car valuation if you're buying a car to make sure that the price you're paying isn't over the odds. A car value will also give you an idea of what you should pay after haggling and negotiation. Our valuations show what you should pay from a franchised dealer, an independent dealer and a private seller.

Selling You need a car valuation if you're selling a car to give you an idea of what you should price the car for and how much you can reaosnably expect to get for it. It gives you an idea as to what similar cars have sold for. We gives values that show what you should pay as a part exchange or if selling to a private buyer.

What has an effect on a car's value?

The biggest factors that determine a car's value are how old it is, its condition and its mileage.

Optional extras - fitted when the car was new - can increase a car's desirability, but don't necessarily increase its value. Sat nav and an upmarket enternatinment system is likely to increase the cost, but heated seats are unlikely to. Buyers also like to see a car that's in good condition and has been well looked after. Unusual colours will appeal to some buyers - but put others off.

Car buyers can be put off if the car shows significant signs of wear and tear or damage, has equipment that is either damaged or not working, has gaps in its service history or MoT records and has had a number of previous owners or keepers.

Where can I sell my car?

Our guide to selling ensures you have a straightforward sale and get the best price for your used car, whether trading in or selling privately. Read the full guide and consider your options here.

Below are two popular selling services to try if you're not going to part exchange or sell privately:*Motorway* is a one of the biggest price comparison sites for selling sites. Enter your car’s registration number and mileage, and it will find offers from online car buyers and specialist dealers.

Its TruePrice technology cuts through online offers to predict the final price you’ll sell for, based on thousands of previous sales.

You can compare offers based on price, fees, collection criteria and even buyer review scores.

Motorway is completely free to use if you’re selling your car.

Are There Any Costs With that I should be aware of? 

Although* is free to use, you may find that there are transaction and processing fees from the provider that you choose. Any potential fees from online car buyers are made clear in its comparison table.

WebuyanycarWbac (2)

Webuyanycar is one of the best-known car buying services. We generally hear good things about it - it will take your car off your hands quickly, though you may pay a premium for it. This is also reflected on Trustpilot, where 76 per cent of reviewers rate webuyanycar as excellent. *

Are There Any Costs With Webuyanycar that I should be aware of? 

The main costs that you need to be aware of are the transaction prices.

Vehicle Valuation  Transaction Fee

£99 and below

No fee (subject to minimum valuation of £50)



£4000-£4999 £59.99
£5000 or more £74.99


Payment comes within four days of sale directly to your bank account. There is no charge for this service.

If you need a faster payment, you get it next day for £24.75 or same day (Premier Payment option for selected customers) for an additional fee of £29.75.


Other car price guides

Glass's Car Price Guide

Glass's Guide is the leading British motor trades guide to used car prices, often referred to in the trade as "The Bible". Glass's Guide is not available online to consumers and you can only get access if you are in the trade. To get a valuation, click here.

Monitoring car values for almost 75 years since 1933, Glass's Guide has reflected how cars have become increasingly affordable. For example, in the 1930s the £145 list price for a Ford 10 De Luxe, including £5 for an optional sliding roof, was the equivalent of almost two years' salary. Today, a Ford Mondeo 1.8i LX, with a list price of £14,465, represents the equivalent of just seven months' salary for a person earning the UK average wage.

What is Parkers Car Price Guide?

Parkers Car Price Guide is one of the longest-running printed car price guides and helps buyers to get an idea of what to pay for their next car. It has been running since 1972 and is now part of the German media company Bauer Media.

The prices that appear in Parkers Car Price Guide are updated monthly and based on thousands of transactions from forecourts, private vendors, and auctions throughout the UK. If you don't want to buy a copy of the price guide, you can get a free car valuation from here.

Most popular newer vehicles are covered by the guide, with figures for each trim and engine combination rather than generic models. Car owners can find the value of a specific make, model or trim. On the negative side, this method of researching car values will appear archaic to younger car buyers and the values, although respected by the pubic, are less favoured by some dealers. You will find it sold in newsagents and supermarkets such as Sainsbury's and WHSmith for £5.99, whereas as the trade guides are sold directly to dealers only. There is an option of a subscription for £65 per-year.

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Autotrader Car Prices

Auto Trader is one of the biggest used car buying and selling sites in the UK. It sees many transactions from dealers and private individuals and, as a result, has extensive database of used car values. Autotrader offers a car guide price based on the latest car values and offers figures for private sales and part-exchange prices. 

heycar Value My Car

Through heycar you can get a free valuation, by entering the car's registrion number and mileage. The results are powered by CAP HPI and give you an indication as to what you're likely to be offered in part exchange at a dealer.

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