Winter Tyres and Insurance

Just a question to seek an explanation as to why my insurance company (Direct Line) are to charge me £56 to cover me for the fitting of steel wheels and winter tyres to my wife's vauxhall Zafira GSI

I have read a number of tests in the motoring press telling of the enhanced safety of winter tyres (40% better grip) so I ordered steel wheels from Vauxhall and good quality tyres (Continental winter).

Thought there would be no cost or possibly an administration fee to declare this could not believe the cost is to be £56.

I would have thought that winter tyres and cheap £48 steel rims vs £350 for alloy would considerably reduce risk for the company.

Would this be a worthwhile thing to raise in the press in the hope of embarassing insurance companies into some degree of sensibility?

Asked on 5 December 2010 by Peth

Answered by Honest John
I am directly challenging this. It's either boneheaded stupidity or rank profiteering. See:
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