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Is there a new small SUV with selectable 4WD and a low ratio option?

Since the mid-1970s we've driven a succession of gutsy Suzuki SUVs including the original SJ410. They had manually-selectable 4WD with a low-ratio option and free-wheeling front hubs. Our current permanent 4WD Vitara just can't cut the mustard to do jobs like towing a trailer over poor ground. Is there a relatively modern/current vehicle that will, as did our previous Suzukis, meet the need?

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There's the new Suzuki Jimny, which is excellent over rough terrain and features a low-ratio gearbox. It's quite light, though, so not the most capable tow vehicle, and actually finding one might be difficult - it's got a very long waiting list. Other than that, there are very few small SUVs which are capable off road. You might have to look at bigger cars - the Toyota Land Cruiser would be an excellent choice, but it's expensive. Alternatively look at a pick-up truck like the SsangYong Musso with its seven-year warranty.
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