Can I turn off keyless entry on my car?

I have been told by my local Ford dealership that you can turn off the keyless entry feature on the new Focus. This could be the difference between a purchase or not. I guess the dealer is correct in what he is saying but still wonder if it would make it safe from theft. I am told when deactivated, entry is gained by pushing the button on the key then use the start button as usual. I would appreciate your thoughts on this. If it's correct it could be a handy feature.

Asked on 22 February 2019 by honest kev

Answered by Honest John
The signals from proximity keys can be boosted by hand-held devices from a distance of 10 metres from the key itself, to the extent that the car 'thinks' the key is present and can be opened, started and driven away. Counter-measures are keys in which the proximity signal can be switched off, or lidded metal containers that act as signal-blocking Faraday cages or a signal blocking Faraday pouch.
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