Is legal cover insurance worth it?

I am about to renew my car insurance and have read online the pros and cons of including legal cover. Peace of mind seems to be the main pro and I think the main con is that the insurance company may settle for 50/50 unless there is compelling evidence that the other party is at fault. I have also read that these policies can be restrictive. What is your opinion of legal cover and would you recommend it?

Asked on 31 January 2019 by colin h

Answered by Tim Kelly
I think you may be getting confused, "the main con is that the insurance company settle 50/50" has nothing to do with legal cover. Legal cover is there to cover the cost of solicitors or legal fees in recovering your losses as a result of a third parties negligence. Due to the changes in the Criminal Reform Bill increasing the claims threshold from £1000 to £5000, it means you cannot recover your legal fees for claims less than £1000. This is the direct area where whiplash claims occupy. Last year I would have advised you do not need legal cover, this year and moving forward, I would recommend everyone to purchase it. Just read the terms and conditions and research the provider to make sure the policy covers your demands and needs.
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