What do I do if I think an MoT test station is being too lenient?

I have just bought a 1997 Fiat Ducato based camper van with a new MoT organised by the dealer. My local garage checked it over and was very concerned over issues that it considered should not have passed the recent MoT (but they are not a testing station). I took it back to the dealer for rectification under warranty, who did nothing except present me with a letter prepared by the MoT testing station listing most of the defects my garage identified stating that none of them are MoT failures. Well they would stand by their original assessment wouldn’t they, but it suggests a mutually beneficial arrangement exists between dealer and an over-lenient tester. I take my garage’s concerns seriously especially regarding a rusty suspension mount with a hole in it and a slight power steering leak, but the dealer clearly is not going to do anything so what can I do? Can I appeal the MoT test as being too lenient? If I present the van for MoT elsewhere and it fails is the original pass still valid or would that be cancelled and the van deemed unroadworthy?

Asked on 31 January 2019 by Nigel

Answered by Honest John
Compile a clear and tidy report with photographs by the local garage you trust, then take the matter to Small Claims. www.honestjohn.co.uk/faq/consumer-rights/ The issue is not whether or not the faults are MoT failures, it's that the faults exist at all.
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