My replacement clutch has burned out in two months, will the garage repair it?

I've had a new clutch and flywheel fitted by the garage two months ago and it's burnt out. Can I expect the garage to repair without payment?

Asked on 5 December 2023 by Jane

Answered by David Ross
A new clutch and flywheel should last many thousands of miles, so there is clearly a problem. We would suggest returning the vehicle to the garage where it was fitted and asking them to check the condition of the components and the installation. It is possible they may say that there is no issue and that the driver is at fault, but even if the clutch was abused it would be quite an achievement to burn it out in two months.

If you do not receive a satisfactory response from the garage you may wish to make a complaint, either to a trade body if the garage is a member or to Trading Standards.
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