The roof in my Dacia Logan MCV has come loose, how do I fix it?

We bought this car from new, and have basically been very pleased with it, as it's reliable and cheap to run, but over the last few months, the 'loose' roof lining has caused a horrible thumping noise which can only be stopped by a rear seated passenger pushing up on the ceiling.

It seems light the inner soft material has come 'unstuck' from the metal roof or something causing a sort of vibration?

I did contact Dacia at Basingstoke where we bought it about this, but they only wanted to look at it if they charge for the time, and as they weren't sure how long it would, or what was required to fix it, they would give an idea of cost, so we couldn't do that.

Asked on 5 January 2024 by David King

Answered by David Ross
It is common practice for main dealers and garages to charge for their time when examining a problem, as until they physically examine a fault they are unable to determine how much time it will take to fix. If you need to make the repair yourself, you will need to examine the area between the roof lining and the roof to determine if there is something loose or if it is just a matter of the roof lining becoming detatched. You may require new clips to secure the roof lining into position, or alternatively contact adhesive may be a better option.
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