What is the most reliable family automatic hatchback for under £4500?

What is the most reliable family automatic hatchback for under £4500? I was set on Civic 1.8 2009 but then learned that this model has the i-Shift which is best avoided.

Asked on 17 December 2018 by Adam K

Answered by Andrew Brady
We'd still me tempted by the Civic. It's true that the i-Shift gearbox attracted some criticism when it was new as it wasn't the nicest gearbox to use, but learn to drive around its flaws (e.g. lift off when changing up a gear) and it's not too painful. It's also more reliable than the likes of Ford's Powershift gearbox. Alternatively, would you consider a Toyota Prius? It will be very economical and should prove to be reliable.
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