Can you get insurance for a 16-year-old before they pass their test?

We're buying a car for our daughter and would like to start the insurance policy in her name, but with the parents included as additional drivers. Can we start her policy before she's 17 so we can collect the car a few weeks beforehand? There doesn't seem to be any law saying you can't buy car insurance at 16, even though you can't drive.

Asked on 13 December 2018 by Peter Milne

Answered by Tim Kelly
She is not legally allowed to drive at the age of 16 and being under the age of 18 cannot legally enter into a contract. The answer is from my understanding, no you cannot insure a vehicle prior to her being legally able to do so.

I would advise against doing what you intend. It's better to spend the money on lessons and getting her to pass her test first. Should you wish to get the car, she cannot legally drive on her own, so better insuring in your name and adding her as a named driver. This is also massively cheaper doing it this way. Once she passes her test, then get the policy in her name and cancel the other policy.
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