My car has been written off and I would like to purchase it back from my insurer - how can I find out its salvage value?

My car has been written off and I would like to purchase it back from my insurers. They have quoted a salvage price which I think is high. How can I find out what my car is worth for salvage please?

Asked on 13 November 2018 by Kez

Answered by Tim Kelly
It's not quite as easy as that, You need to consider whether the cost of repair less than the market value? If yes, your car is not a total loss, your entitlement is the cost of repair and no deduction for salvage should be made. Do not let any insurer tell you differently as they are in breach of contract if they do. There is nothing in the contract to say they can limit their liability to LESS than the market value, which is what they are doing by trying to make a salvage deduction. This is one of the many frauds insurer's carry out on consumers. If the repair costs exceed the market value, then unfortunately, your car is a total loss. You can either accept the market value and let them have the vehicle, or it is then your choice if you wish to retain it. They can then charge you whatever sum they would obtain from their salvage contracts. This is not something you can do much negotiating with, as it is your choice whether you retain or not. You can try, but insurers do not like advising what figure they obtain or negotiating on it.
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