Is there a definitive list of all the UK charging networks for EVs?

I am taking delivery of a new Nissan Leaf this week and obviously will be looking for charging networks around the country. Is there a definitive list of all the charging networks available to me, both motorway and non-motorway routes? I've heard of the Polar Network but I'm sure there must a number of others available. Do you have to join their network in order to be able to charge your car? Do they all publish a tariff of charges for using their network.

Asked on 5 November 2018 by Ian walker

Answered by Andrew Brady
As you're probably about to find, the charging network is one of the biggest issues around electric car ownership in my experience. There are many different companies operating public chargers, and it can be a nightmare attempting to keep up with membership of all of them. Chargemaster's Polar Network covers most bases, with access to more than 6500 public charge points in return for a £7.85 monthly fee. Once you're a member, the majority of these are free-to-use, while others start at 9p per kWh. There's also a handy phone app to help you find them.

If you want to charge on motorways, you'll have to use rapid chargers at motorway service stations, operated by Ecotricity as part of its Electric Highway. These are very handy on long journeys but they can't necessarily be relied on - I've found chargers out of order on many occasions. They're also expensive, costing 30p/kWh, and you'll need to download an app and register your card to use them. Finally, I'd recommend the PlugShare app for a pretty comprehensive guide to chargers near you including detailed user information and reviews.
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