What is the definition of business use and does it vary between insurance companies?

What is the definition of business use and does it vary between insurance companies? My daughter, an experienced driver aged 50, is a named driver on my wife's car policy and sometimes needs to use the car to travel to different work locations. Is this business use? If business cover is required, have you any advice on how best to obtain cover?

Asked on 29 October 2018 by HB

Answered by Tim Kelly
There are different definitions of business use. Under a normal policy, you will request to be insured for driving to and from a place of work. Insurers may see it that if you travel to more than one location, that you are then travelling as a result of business needs, i.e you could be a health care worker, or a worker with no permanent place of work. This may be called type one business use. Type two may then be travelling as part of the purpose of your business, i.e, you may work for yourself. Type three may be that you carry people in your vehicle as part of your business use, carers again are one of the best examples of this, if they are taking patients out.

Many insurers grade this differently. In short, to your daughters situation, yes it is. In terms of requesting cover, just ask your insurer for it, it is not generally that expensive, but is dependent on what the business is.
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