I'm purchasing a car through a broker but something doesn't seem right - what do you think?

I am thinking about purchasing a car through a broker. He informs me I will be the first registered keeper. However the car will be registered in my name but initially at the brokers company address. Then when the broker receives the V5C he will notify DVLA of my address for them to send me the V5C.

Something doesn't feel right. Am I being over cautious? Will I still be officially the first keeper? What should be the the process for registration through a broker?

Asked on 19 October 2018 by IAN MITCHELL

Answered by Honest John
You're not kidding something is wrong. If you are recorded as the registered keeper at his address, that is illegal in the first place because you do not live at his address and any NIP or PCN sent to the recorded keeper will not immediately reach you. Your insurer will not like this either and you have to disclose the address to which the car will be registered or it won't be insured.
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