A third party disputed the fees of a courtesy car I had in 2014 following an accident and now I'm being threatened with court?

I had a non fault claim in 2014 and my insurance arranged a courtesy car which I later learnt was a third party hire agreement thing that I had signed.The third party insurer disputed the fees and I had to provide all my financial details to show I could not afford to hire a car. I was mentally ill at the time which I explained and provided them with everything they asked for. I never heard back from them. I received an email today saying I’ve been sent a draft court action that I have to sign. I haven’t received anything in three years. Could this still go to court? And could I be liable? I’m so confused, I received an email from principal law this evening, I didn’t know who they were until I Googled it and realised it’s probably from that accident. There was no information about what the court thing was about just that I had to reply to agree to sign. I also got three text messages this evening too saying the same as the email. I don’t understand how after all this time with no correspondence at all they can do this.

Asked on 9 October 2018 by T wilson

Answered by Tim Kelly
If it is not in writing by letter, do not respond to it. Report Principle law to the Information commissioners office for breaching GDPR in contacting you without consent. ico.org.uk/make-a-complaint/

If they continue to contact you, request from them the details of the incident it relates too. You will then know whether you need to take action or not.
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