Do we have a case against a dealer for badly advising my father-in-law when it came to financing his car?

My father-in-law recently passed away and I have been tasked with selling his one year old car. Up investigation it seems he had been given really bad advice by the car salesman. When he traded in his two year old Fabia the garage gave him £7000 and told him he should go and invest that in a high interest account. They then proceeded to sell him a loan for the full price of the new car over four years telling him he could then change his car every two years. Now the car is worth less than the outstanding loan amount and we will need to make up any short fall.
Do we have any case against the supplying Skoda dealer or is it a case of he should have been more wary of car sales men and their advice. It just seems wrong to me that they should be allowed to give advice like this?

Asked on 8 October 2018 by pollarj

Answered by Honest John
You definitely do. This was criminally taking advantage of an old person not fully aware of what was happening. You need to contact the Financial Services Ombudsman, you need to report the matter to the police and get a crime number and you need to inform the dealer principal of the dealership that did this to him that you will be taking small claims legal action against it. If the man has any sense he will immediately wipe the debt and offer realistic financial compensation.
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