Will my insurer penalise me for not telling them about a claim on my classic car insurance policy?

I have a classic car on a specialist insurance policy and a normal car on a standard policy with another company. I had an accident abroad two years ago in the classic resulting in a large repair bill. As it was abroad we could not determine fault (I was stationary). I was informed by the specialist that I need not tell my other insurer about this claim. I have now heard differing opinions and am concerned that I've gone through two renewals without mentioning this to my standard insurer. Firstly was my specialist correct and if not will my standard insurer penalise me for not telling them?

Asked on 21 September 2018 by Stephen Shepherd

Answered by Honest John
A very good question. And one to which you can make up your own answer, because that is exactly what insurers do. I would agree with your specialist, although insurers will disagree with me. At this point I have to be very careful what advice I give - if an insurer asks you a question and you do not provide correct information or evade it, you could breach the terms and conditions of your policy. When insurers ask you questions, they are very much rhetorical questions to validate a policy. They should already know all of your claims history as it will on their underwriting database. Under the 2015 insurance act and GDPR, insurer's can only ask questions relevant to the sale of the policy they are selling. All questions have to be relevant.

What you need to know is "what do they know". The best thing to then do is contact the Motor Insurers' Bureau and request all the information they hold on you. You can do that here www.mib.org.uk/managing-insurance-data/mib-managed.../
You can then decide what your best course of action is in the information you provide.
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