Are driving instructors insured for any damage caused by the people they're teaching?

My 17 year old son hit a kerb during his driving lesson and the instructor is saying we must pay £70 for a new tyre. He has also mentioned losing booked lessons at some cost later, though I know he fitted the spare wheel. Surely his instructor insurance should cover this sort of thing? We have already paid £500 for past and future lessons.

Asked on 20 September 2018 by elfman

Answered by Tim Kelly
Request from your driving instructor the document your son signed advising as to what liability he would accept should he damage the vehicle while out on a lesson. If there is no contract, there is no liability on your son to pay. It could be argued that the instructor has been negligent in his tuition in not preventing your son from hitting the kerb (if he has dual controls). I would be advising that it is the instructors responsibility and part and parcel of the job. You also have the fact that as your son is 17, he cannot lawfully enter into a contract.
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