What should I look out for when buying a 1999 Honda CR-V?

I'm looking to buy a Honda CR-V 1999 automatic with 135000 km from a private seller. What should I look out for? Any advice is appreciated.

Asked on 5 September 2018 by Thomas

Answered by Keith Moody
These were a lifestyle vehicle rather than all-terrain transport - a soft-roader, not an off-roader. So make sure the overhangs and the underneath haven't been damaged by any off piste excursions. Mechanically, a well-maintained example will have no trouble racking up the miles. You'll still want to make sure that it shows no sign of overheating and isn't going through oil or water. As it's an auto, you'll want to check that all gears can be engaged smoothly and that the kickdown is working. The interior may be a little bit worse for wear cosmetically, but there's not much you can do about that - your main concern will be checking that all of the electrics work. Has it got a tow bar? If it's been busy dragging things around that can cause premature wear of the mechanicals. Look for uneven tyre wear and play in the suspension and steering - also listen for any knocks, rattles or clonks. Also be sure to check the bodywork as best you can - the plastic cladding can sometimes hide rust. Door bottoms, wheel arches, wings, window surrounds ... check everywhere.
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