Should a clutch that was already failing be covered under warranty, even if it's considered wear and tear?

When a dealership offers an approved used car for sale with the final year's balance of the manufacturer's warranty still in place, is it fair to expect them to put right any wear and tear faults before the sale? Less than a month ago, I bought a four-year-old car from an authorised dealer and discovered that the rubber seal around the rear tailgate is split, and one of the rubber blocks on the edge of the parcel shelf is missing. The dealer says I will need to replace these at my cost because they are 'wear and tear' issues and not covered under the warranty. But now the clutch has suddenly started to become stiff and somewhat sticky, and again this is considered a wear and tear item and would not normally be covered by the warranty. Do I have any recourse at all on any of these things, or does a 'wear and tear' exclusion mean that I will have to replace them all at my expense, even on a vehicle purchased less than a month ago from an authorised dealer with one year left on the manufacturer's warranty?

Asked on 24 August 2018 by Knotty Tall

Answered by Honest John
The dealer is liable for all of these faults because they were present or developing before you bought the car and he is liable for any such faults for six months, "wear and tear" or not. See:
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