We're recorded as 'at fault' in an accident where someone sideswiped us - how do we get this corrected?

We were sideswiped on a dual carriage way. The other driver was prosecuted and found guilty of driving without due care and attention, as well as leaving the scene of the accident. Our insurance company, Swiftcover, paid for the repairs but are proving impossible to contact to resolve the 'blame' issue. This is affecting our other vehicle insurance as we are down in the system as at fault. How do we get them to take action?

Asked on 11 June 2018 by mfraser

Answered by Tim Kelly
Swiftcover are AXA insurance. Contact the complaints department and the Financial Ombudsman Service to raise a complaint. They will tell you that they can't do anything until the insurer looks into your complaint, but they will then contact the insurer to make them aware they are involved. The insurer gets charged a fee of £500 if they don't aim to resolve the issue. This gives you leverage to make the insurer do what they should already be doing. Tell Swiftcover that you feel they are breaching FCA regulations by acting in conflict to your interest (by not establishing liability quick enough). ICOBS 8.3: www.handbook.fca.org.uk/handbook/ICOBS/8/3.html
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