My daughter unknowingly bought a very faulty car online - what can she do?

My daughter bought a car on Gumtree, which has turned out to have lots of dangerous faults. She and her daughter drove it 300 miles home without knowing. The seller is being hostile and claims no responsibility. The MoT looks dodgy but it checks out on the official website. The DVSA is not being helpful. What can we do?

Asked on 7 June 2018 by Maggie

Answered by Honest John
If this was from a dealer then the law is on your side. Get in touch with Trading Standards for the area where you bought the car. See:

If the vendor was private, you may still have a case for Breach of Contract. If the car is in a dangerous condition you can also take action. If you think the car has dangerous faults, then put it through another MoT, but realise that if you do and it fails you won't be able to drive it.
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