My new car was written off - can I get a replacement vehicle rather than settle the finance?

Unfortunately, my two month old car has been written off. My insurance will provide me with exactly the same model and spec car, but obviously the reg will be different. This is the best option as the market value is lower than the list value. Do you think the finance company will have a problem with this? The agreement says there is a £25 fee to change the reg plate, but I presume that's a provision for personalised number plates. I just wanted to understand my rights before I call them in case they argue for a cash settlement, which would leave me worse off.

Asked on 24 May 2018 by TinkyWinky

Answered by Tim Kelly
There should not be an issue as long as you make it very very clear with both the insurer and the finance company. Make it clear that you require new vehicle replacement. You're correct in assuming the £25 is for changing over to a private plate.
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