A dealer agreed to restore a classic car I bought - can I get a refund if he won't do the work?

I bought a classic car that's falling apart from a dealer. We arranged that he would get it reassembled and on the road for me. That was five months ago. I have gone to see it on several occasions and rang him on numerous others, but very little work seems to have been done. The newly repainted bodywork has been dented and the paint is chipped off in various places too. Is there any way to speed him up or can I claim a refund?

Asked on 11 May 2018 by ian slade

Answered by Honest John
It depends on what sort of contract you had in writing. If it was merely a friendly verbal agreement then you are in trouble because you will have to prove what that agreement was before you can take action. If you have a written contract, you can enforce it in Small Claims if necessary.
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