An EGR valve replacement for my Audi A6 isn't covered under warranty - is this fair?

I own a 2013 Audi A6 diesel, which for the past six weeks has sporadically gone into limp home mode with the engine management light flashing. Each time, restarting the car has cleared the fault and it's been fine. I took it into my local Audi dealership who advised the problem was the EGR valve and would cost £1440 to replace. I'd taken out an Audi component level aftermarket warranty, which cost me £75 pcm (approximately double the cost of the monthly motor insurance for the car). However, I was informed that the EGR wasn't covered because it wasn't explicitly listed under the covered items list. After having a bit of a rant I cancelled the policy there and and I'm waiting to hear whether or not Audi UK will help with the replacement cost and labour. The car has a full Audi service history and has only done 56,000 miles in the five years it's been registered.

Asked on 8 May 2018 by Gareth J

Answered by Honest John
Outrageous that the warranty the Audi dealer sold you does not cover a known problem. Tell the dealer if he doesn't fix it free of charge then you will take the matter to Small Claims.
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