Can you suggest a small, economical car to replace our old diesel?

We feel that we need to sell our beloved Land Rover Freelander 2 because it's a diesel. We've started to look for a car which won't cost a fortune to own and run for the next three years. There's nothing wrong with our car, it's just the scary news going about at the moment, which is pressuring us into changing. It's worth about £7500 or so. We'd like to get an EV, but they're expensive to buy and depreciate rapidly. There's just two of us and our two small dogs, so anything with rear seats that's economical to run while we're saving for an EV in a few years will work. We don't do many long journeys and don't need to commute, but I'm a keen driver and can't deal with anything sluggish.

Asked on 5 May 2018 by Darryld1

Answered by Honest John
EVs don't do long journeys unless there are adequate charging points on the way, and even then the problem can be both the queue to charge and the time it takes to charge. Instead of refilling with fuel in five minutes, you can be stuck at a service area for four hours, and on top of that have to pay excess parking charges for being there for more than two hours. Meanwhile, get a Honda Jazz and they are so practical you will probably want to keep it. You might even find a Jazz hybrid.
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