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  • Van & Pick-up MoT Test Results and Advice (Article)
    In This Guide Check your van's MoT pass rate Best vans for passing the test
  • Free & cheap van & pick-up history checks (Article)
    fails to keep with the payments or does a runner. Check the van's MoT and mileage history for free  You don't have to spend a penny to see a vehicle's MoT history, mileage and whether it has road tax. To get all this information online, you simply need to enter
  • Van and pick-up road tax VED rates 2022-2023 (Article)
    Real MPG fuel economy ratings MoT pass and fail rates Used van pricing Buying & selling advice
  • ULEZ van checker - Will you have to pay the low emissions charge? (Article)
    To claim any of the TfL grants, the scrapped van or minibus must have been registered to the organisation for more than 12 months before 22 February 2019. It must also be insured for business use, have valid road tax with MoT and be scrapped at an approved Transport for London facility. Small
  • How to sell your van (Article)
    .  Consider paying for any small repairs that may have been on your ‘to do’ list for some time as this will help maintain the price. It is also worth renewing the MoT if it has less than six months remaining. The same goes for basic servicing, as a smooth starting van that starts first time
  • Buying and selling vans at auction (Article)
    .   A van sold 'direct' is straight from the fleet user. Look for evidence of service history, MoT and V5. Try to avoid vans that have no documents or a chequered past, no matter how cheap they look – that is where the risks can increase. If the van's MoT history is not supplied, check its
  • How to buy a used van (Article)
    owner can do this online instantly. MOT certificate Ideally you want your used van to come with a sheaf of all the previous MoTs, but if the current owner can’t produce the paperwork it doesn’t mean your van hasn’t got one. You can see a van's MoT history, mileage
  • How to buy a new van (Article)
    the MoT Files to see the pass and failure rates for every make and model of van and pick-up in the UK. Having a van to part exchange adds a layer of complication to the buying process and while it’s important to research and know the part-exchange
  • How to buy a used camper van (Article)
    used vans are sold with a new MoT. The seller will also vet the van’s history, including mileage, registration and outstanding finance. If something goes wrong during the warranty period, the dealer will cover the cost of repairs, replacement parts and labour up to the market value of the covered
  • Cheap camper van insurance (Article)
    it on the road immediately, compare quotes for fully comprehensive as well as third-party insurance cover, as this may result in a saving over the course of a year. It is important to let the insurer know that your camper van is SORN, as part of that status means it is not required to have a valid MOT
  • Van signwriting explained (Article)
    explained More van advice Van Finance Guide Real MPG Van MoT
  • Buying and selling a van on eBay (Article)
    a listing that attracts attention requires a little time and a good deal of care. Start by gathering together all the relevant information you have your van; V5C, MoT certificate, receipts, service history - all the kind of information that buyers will want to know. It’s important to add
  • Used Van Buying Guide: Volkswagen Transporter T5 2003-2015 (Article)
    MoT pass rates Insurance groups T5 Transporters for sale Just like the Golf in the car world, so too
  • Motorhome and camper van tax rates (Article)
    Van MoT results Real MPG
  • Used Van Buying Guide: Dispatch 2007-2016 (Article)
    What to look out for Buying help Citroen Dispatch vans for sale MoT pass
  • Cheap van tyre buying advice (Article)
    Cheap Car Tyre Guide Useful Links Real MPG MoT Pass Rates Used Van
  • Camper van finance advice and deals (Article)
    Vans for sale Useful links Real MPG MoT results Cheap insurance * Sometimes we show
  • Used Van Buying Guide: Sprinter 2013-2018 (Article)
    MoT pass rates How to get cheap insurance A large van mainstay, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter was overhauled in 2013 to add to the already appealing package it offered. As part of the extensive
  • Cheap van finance and advice (Article)
    Read our finance guide to get the best deals on a new or used van. From cheap lease deals to the best bank loan and hire rates, our tips and advice will help you make the most informed decision when it comes to funding your next vehicle.  In this guide
  • Best Current Groupon Car Deals (Article)
    . Save 67% off an MOT for a car or van

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