Range Rover Sport (2013 – 2022) Review

Range Rover Sport (2013 – 2022) At A Glance


+Bigger and more economical than the old model. Great to drive on-road but with typical Land Rover off road ability. Fantastic traction and ability in the worst conditions.

-Expensive, especially if you option it up. No spare wheel on seven-seater versions. Continued question marks over reliability.

New prices start from £51,550
Insurance Groups are between 43–50
On average it achieves 82% of the official MPG figure

The SUV market has come a long way since the original Range Rover Sport was launched in 2005. The premium German manufacturers have expanded their ranges to cater for every niche, while uber premium SUVs like the Bentley Bentayga, Rolls-Royce Cullinan and Lamborghini Urus have also come onto the scene.

Even Land Rover itself has increased its offering in the sporty SUV segment, launching the Range Rover Velar in 2017 and pushing the Sport further upmarket (while also being in danger of making it last year's must-have fashion accessory).

Visually, even in a world that now contains the Audi Q8, we reckon the Range Rover Sport still looks the part. It might be the bling 21-inch alloys fitted to our test car, but it attracts glances (admiring or otherwise) everywhere it goes.

Inside, the Sport feels closer to a 'proper' Range Rover than rivals. That's largely thanks to the high seating position giving you a feeling of superiority - great for cruising along the motorway or bimbling through town.

As well as a high seating position, the interior is suitably luxurious, with 2018-onwards models featuring a second touchscreen replacing conventional buttons. It looks good but it's not particularly intuitive to use - fortunately there are rotary controllers for adjusting the temperature, but more advanced actions require navigating menus. It's something you'll get used to over time, but it's not as simple as a similar system used in the Audi Q8.

While things are good up front, the same can't quite be said for the rear. It's roomy enough, but isn't exactly plush. It's definitely an SUV that puts the focus on driving rather than being driven in.

As such, it's pretty good to drive no matter which engine you opt for. Land Rover offers a range of engines depending on how fast (and thirsty) you'd like your Sport, including four-, six- and eight-cylinder petrols and diesels, as well as a plug-in hybrid.

Admittedly the Sport isn't as sharp as the Porsche Cayenne, but it'll still take corners with gusto without making your passengers feel seasick. Where the Sport really shines is off road - few will ever venture off tarmac, but if you do, it can tackle much more challenging obstacles than any similar SUV on sale.

Real MPG average for a Range Rover Sport (2013 – 2022)


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15–48 mpg

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Is a Range Rover Sport a good used buy?

"I want to buy a used Range Rover Sport as a retirement present to myself. Would you advise paying more for a 2019/20 model and accepting the ongoing depreciation or buy a 2017 model for less and accept the likely higher costs of repairs, etc."
We wouldn't recommend any used Range Rover Sport without the support of a solid aftermarket warranty. If you're happy to go down this route, the difference between a 2017 and 2019/2020 model will probably be negligible. Rather than concentrating too much on age, look for one with a solid service history and clear evidence of good maintenance.
Answered by Andrew Brady

Can I cancel a lease vehicle if it was not delivered?

"I ordered a Range Rover Sport lease vehicle in March this year. It was a previously cancelled order, which I acquired, so I managed to jump the queue a bit! Long story short - I got a confirmed delivery date of 11th August. Everything in place and good to go, including me purchasing insurance. 4 days away from delivery it was postponed. No reasons made available and my broker claims not to know why. Not able to provide me with any details of a possible new delivery date. I have threatened to cancel the order as I cannot wait indefinitely only to be told "Our company policy is that a cancellation fee is requested, should a customer cancel a vehicle order, as per our order Ts and Cs, this would be a fee equating to 3 months rentals" Can they do this? I'm not technically cancelling, they are just not fulfilling the order and delivering my vehicle anytime soon and they cannot explain any reasons why. I've been advised to walk away from the purchase and if they tried to pursue me for 3 months rental (a significant amount I might add!) they wouldn't have a leg to stand on. "
The terms and conditions of the order should explain your rights in respect of cancelling the order, which may mean a cancellation fee, but by the same token the broker has not fulfilled their obligations in respect of delivering the vehicle. If you do cancel and a fee is applicable, it is reasonable to accept that the broker will attempt to recoup this from you. You may be able to argue that the fee should not apply, but this would potentially become a legal matter and would require legal advice.
Answered by David Ross

Will the Range Rover Sport P400e tow a caravan?

"Will the Range Rover Sport P400e plug-in hybrid tow a caravan that weighs around 1,800kg?"
It should make pretty light work of it. It's well within the 2,500kg towing capacity and also considerably less than 85 per cent of its kerb weight (the suggested maximum you should tow according to caravan organisations). The instant torque of a plug-in hybrid can help when setting off on a hill, while PHEVs are an ideal compromise for caravanners looking to use their car for short journeys during the week before heading away at weekends.
Answered by Andrew Brady

What's the best used luxury 4x4 with a beige interior?

"I have a Porsche Cayenne diesel that I like but I want to change having had it for three years. I think it is worth about £27,000. I can add up to £25,000 to the trade-in. I don't like the options from Mercedes-Benz or BMW. But I do want something a bit unusual and luxurious. Beige or cream leather and interior are a must. Air suspension is desirable. Must be reliable and around three years old or so in age. I have been looking at the Range Rover Sport and Maserati Levante but I'm not convinced of reliability of either. Do you have any other ideas? "
Neither the Maserati or the Range Rover have a great record for reliability but they both have air suspension and you'll find plenty of examples with beige or cream leather. The Maserati is the sportier of the two, while the Range Rover is more practical and more comfortable. Lexus and Toyota make the best SUVs for reliability – the Lexus RX is very comfortable and surprisingly good on fuel thanks to its hybrid engine – but neither are exactly inspiring to own. I wonder have you considered the Audi Q8? It's a much rarer sight than the Q7, is slightly sportier to drive but shares the Q7's extremely comfortable air suspension and effortlessly powerful diesel engines, the interior is also very smart and beautifully built, if not as traditional as the Maserati or Range Rover. If you can find one with the right interior colours, it is definitely worth considering.
Answered by Russell Campbell
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