Volkswagen Touran (2015 on)


2.0 TDI 150ps SEL BlueMotion Technology

reviewed by Anonymous on 1 March 2021
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Lovely plush, practical & powerful family car that's very well made.

I bought one of the very first of the current shape (5T in VW speak) tourans - It's very highly specified with lots of optional equipment so we think it may have been a dealer demonstrator originally.

I did lots of research into our need, which were: 3x Isofix in the back and additional seats that fold up when needed, powerful to tackle the hills round here and to be effortless on the motorway yet economical to run (cheap tax and fuel costs), comfortable and with lots of space for us as a family to go on long journeys / on holidays, plus must be well made and reliable.

Our Touran has delivered on all of this and more - it's become a well-loved pet of the family. It has been superbly reliable, it's lovely to drive and has so many storage boxes / bins. you can slide each of the middle row of seats about to juggle room for the third row as needed (and I have done a long journey back there and was perfectly comfortable!

My wife loves driving it because it feels like a raised Golf rather than a lumbering bus - also it's very compact for what it is: We also looked at the Citroen Grand Picasso / Space Tourer and that's a good 30cm longer than the Touran. It sits at 70-75mph on the motorway in near silence (it would easily do 90 all day without ruffling the driver though!) and gets 50 mpg with some care - plus it feels very solid and safe; which was important to us with 3 active youngsters!

Overall, and especially considering how little room there is in many SUVs of the same size, I just do not understand why these and other MPVs are not more popular than they are. If you are considering one of these Tourans then it gets my hearty recommendation - we intend to keep ours running as long as possible.

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Road TaxC–E
MPG47.1–65.7 mpg
Real MPG80.7%

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