Volkswagen Passat Estate (2015 on)


2.0 TDI 150ps GT 5dr

reviewed by Anonymous on 1 April 2020
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Surprisingly good

We bought this to replace our 2007 E class Estate. We needed something big enough to carry our large dog, and quiet and well equipped as we frequently do 1800 mile round trips to France.
As we would never buy new, and didn't want a PCP or HP we looked for a car upt to 3 years old, lowish miles from a main dealer. Narrowed down to 5 series BMW, E class (though had been put off by rubbish MB dealers and increasing maintenance costs), V60 and 90 and A6, Passat and Superb, all estates.
Having test driven a few, we had focussed on the Passat as a result of it's size and the fact that it reminded us of our old Mk2 Golf GTI to drive.

The difficulty was in getting one with low mileage, as they seem to be bought largely as fleet cars.

As chance would have it our local dealer had a low mileage car just brought in, pre-reg then PCP, with only 18000 miles.

I wasn't too keen as it had been optioned with 19 inch wheels (albeit with the longer travel suspension) and the E class we were trading in had full air suspension.

However, we took it for a test drive and we were very impressed. Loved the 6 speed manual (didn't want DSG as others we had driven didn't fill us with confidence), it was extremely quiet and smooth on the road. The cabin seemed as well built and finished as the Merc, though my wife would have preferred a wood trim and it handled so much better in bends. Massive in the back and the optional full leather interior was very nice.

Obviously the electronics were a bit more complicated then on the E; full digitla dash and infotainment but took no time to get used to.

We've now had it 6 months or so, it's been to France and back and we love it. Carries the dog with acres of room, the 3 zone climate mens we can keep the back a bit cooler for him. Panoramic sun roof keeps the interior light and airy and the media system means we can use Audible for talking books.

On our last trip to France we averaged 57 mpg on the way bac and 56 on way there. That's with a full load an A/C and the ACC set at the legal limit.

I was worried how the ACC would cope with driing in France, but the system just adjusted via the GPS I suspect. Didn't even have to change the lights as VW advised our Halogen set-up had a flat beam.

On rough roads it's not as absorbing as the E class, but on autoroutes etc is just as quiet if not more so and handles so much better on French D roads

It also hauls our towbar mounted bike carrier on the dealer installed detachable towbar, which is fully integrated so switches off the rear parking sensors and incorprates the carrier electrics in the alarm so if it is detached the alarm will go off!

Ony minor niggles: the seat heaters and the mirror heaters don't have a timer (unlike the Merc), also if I make a call using the steering wheel controls, the digital dash does not automatically switch back to my preferred set up, I have to reselect with the steering button. I also wish the dealer had optioned the full LED lights. And I can't get the clock to automatically change from UK to French time

Things I really like? We have different driver profiles for my wife and I, so when she uses her key the A/C is on, the engine map is softer and the radio stays off, for me the A/C is off, the engine is on sport and the radio is on. Obviously the dash is set to each preference differently.

My wife finds the bolsters in the seat sit slightly high for someone of her height and the headrests similarly are suited to taller than her.

I really liked our E class but am enjoying this so much as it really reminds me of our old GTI.

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Road TaxA–G
MPG44.1–156.9 mpg
Real MPG75.7%

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