Toyota Aygo X (2022 on)

reviewed by Anonymous on 21 April 2024

Pure VVT-i 5 dr manual

reviewed by Anonymous on 4 December 2023
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The Smell of a Burnt Clutch Will Not Go Away

In many respects this is a likeable car, and it is certainly economical in its fuel consumption.

However, whenever the clutch has to work harder than for a simple gear change, e.g. when joining a main road at a difficult junction or crossing a steep bridge or reversing any distance, a smell of burning pervades the cabin which can only be caused by the clutch. Recently the burning smell has started to occur during simple forward motion.

Toyota GB have been informed and neither the supplying dealership nor another Toyota dealership have been able to diagnose the problem. I have driven cars with manual gearshifts for more than 50 years and have never experienced this smell of burning, Back to a Toyota dealership in a few days from now for another examination, but I am far from confident that this problem will be solved.

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reviewed by smitham on 26 October 2023
reviewed by smitham on 11 September 2023
reviewed by Joanne Stannard on 29 April 2023
reviewed by Anonymous on 29 April 2023

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