Toyota Aygo (2014 - 2022)


1.0 VVT-i X-Clusiv 5dr Hatchback

reviewed by Anonymous on 25 May 2019
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Faultless fun but out of town it becomes a little tiring over distance

We bought this car as a pre-reg with 6 miles on it and save a few thousand over the then list price of 14k+. It came with the fun roof, leather, sat nav and climate etc and we had reversing sensors and protection pack added. It's been a daily driver on my 55 mile round trip commute, as well as the shopping car and the 'just popping down the road' choice.
We are trading it in next month for a CHR Hybrid and genuinely sorry to see it go. It's been faultless as you would expect from a Toyota, over 50mpg when driven 'with spirit' and with £0 tax and low insurance has cost peanuts to run. In 30,000 miles its only had 2 new front tyres and we opted for the brilliant and cheap service pack from the dealer - recommended.
Why didn't we go for a new one? The new model doesn't look (imho) as funky (front end) and there hasn't been a sufficient uplift in the engine output to sway us. Living on a hillside in the summer, its no exageration, that sometimes we switch the air-con off to give us some extra ooomph up the hill - i'm not joking. With 2 extra hp in the new model that was one of the deciding factors not to get another one.
If you are after a city/town car thats agile, fun and cheap as chips to run, I'd have one tomorrow. If you want one for as much driving out of town, including some hills, take a good test drive first.
I'm 6'2 and found the car more than big enough inside. We never carried anyone in the back except for the pooch, but if I was buying one for carrying regular or occasional rear passengers, check out the space in the rear first.
We are going into the Hybrid world next and have put aside the reviews of the CVT transmission noise. Our test drive proved the car wasn't as bad as some reports and with the comfort and electronic aids I have a feeling my commute will be a little less frantic than of late.

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reviewed by Billy Kingdon on 10 June 2018
reviewed by logans on 23 July 2017
reviewed by Keith Collinson on 10 May 2017
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Road TaxA–C
MPG67.3–68.9 mpg
Real MPG81.1%

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