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SEAT Ibiza ST 2010


FR 1.2 TSI DSG Auto 105 5dr Estate

reviewed by Gerald Fisher on 29 September 2016
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Every time it rains all the doors fill up with water. The water stays there until you open them. Then I sit there for almost a minute until it drains out. It doesn't matter if it hasn't rained for a week the water stays there. SEAT say this is a "characteristic" of the car. I say it is a design fault. Because it cannot be fixed by the dealer SEAT claim this cannot be a fault. (?). I can't see the doors and the electrics lasting the life of the car and wonder what the effects of a freezing winter will be as water expands into ice. Sick of splashed boots and funny remarks about my aim. The service manager tells me all SEATS have this "characteristic". Not in the brochure and the salesman never mentioned it. My 57 Leon never did this. Alas my last SEAT.

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Road TaxA–E
MPG47.9–80.7 mpg
Real MPG78.5%

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