Peugeot 308 SW (2008 - 2013)


Sport 1.6 THP 150 5dr Estate

reviewed by Jacetheace on 22 August 2010
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This is a brilliant family car with plenty of performance and good fuel economy.

I recently swapped my Peugeot 407 sw for this new 308 sw in Babylon red at a bargain price with only 10 miles on the clock from a local Peugeot dealer.
Initially I was worried about buying a smaller car and also the thought of going back to a petrol model did concern me slightly but I looked at the reviews and then went for a test drive.
The 308 is about 10 inches shorter than the 407 but the space inside the cabin of the car is huge, easily more than the 407 and it has lots more rear leg room.
The elevated driving position takes a bit of getting used to but I actually prefer it now.
The visibility is excellent and there are enough toys to keep most men happy.
My favourite is the built in bluetooth with the ability to also perform audio streaming.
This basically means it can connect to my phone and play all the music on it without touching the phone, everything being controlled on the drivers stalk.
This is great if you have spotify as i can play any one of 4 million songs on the go.
The engine is amazing I can't believe that I am getting 42 to the gallon from a petrol unit.
It will go round islands in 4th gear and it pulls like a train at 1400 revs. You can actually go into 6th gear at 40mph and it just whispers along but if you want to put your foot down you will not be dissapointed. With the option of 2 additional 3rd row occasional seats also this car is a serious contender for any family looking to make that next purchase.

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Road TaxB–J
MPG35.8–67.3 mpg
Real MPG92.2%

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