Mitsubishi Outlander (2012 on)


2.2 DI-D 4 Auto 5dr SUV

reviewed by Bob Dillon on 1 May 2019
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Great car, but needs some slight modification!

The vehicle is excellent and does what's it's supposed to superbly!
Readers and drivers must appreciate that firstly Mitsubishi is most definitely at the lower end of the pecking order as far as the quality of Japanese brands is being considered. In addition, as a global company Mitsubishi was almost dead and buried before this vehicle literally rescued them from an almost certain cremation!
The Outlander 2016 really saved Mitsubishi's bacon (as the American's put it). However, that does not mean that the vehicle is without flaws or faults.

Starting with the inside. One annoying thing is the interior plastics. These are of an appallingly poor quality and will inevitably fall off at some stage. The interior lighting is an ugly dim yellow colour, as are both the vanity mirror lights and the license plate lights. It would have cost Mitsubishi next to nothing to replace these with more robust and brighter LED bulbs. So that's one of the first upgrades I performed personally. And that car looks even better now!

That's about it for the negatives. Everything else about the vehicle is simply perfect. It has a huge presence on the road with many drivers simply in awe. It looks stunning and drives extremely well on the highway/motorway and depending on what model you have can comfortably seat 5-7 passengers. I would have bought a PHEV if were not for the loss of 2 seats.

Yes, MPG could and should be better as so should BHP. However, overall there's plenty there for all (males and females) to be happy with. Much better value than similarly grouped vehicles. You'd have to go to an Audi Q7 or a Honda Pilot (not available in Europe) to find a better competitor. But both of those cars are certainly in a higher category when it comes to prestige, options and price range.

What I will say is that I purchased the Outlander from a dealer in London. The buying process was smooth and effortless. But the after sales customer service has been nothing short of a nightmare. This is got nothing to do with Mitsubishi whatsoever. The dealership invented items to repair which didn't need repair. They failed to refill the liquids in the engine compartment during a routine service. And didn't bother to change any of the 4 filters on the vehicle!

Would I buy the Outlander again? Most certainly! The newer (2019) models have better options, better steering, improved ride quality, rear air conditioning vents & a touch of class.

Finally, what are you waiting for? Buy the Outlander 2019 now!!!

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Road TaxE–H
MPG37.7–53.3 mpg
Real MPG76.3%

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