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MINI One D (2003 - 2007)


One D 3dr Hatchback

reviewed by Sillyoldmoi on 23 May 2014
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Perversely, a better motorway car than a city car

Current Minis have all the marketing advantages of the original - though none of the ingenuity.

Mine has plenty of extras (air con, radio boost, integrated Trafficmaster sat nav) but the Cooper-S sourced 6-speed gearbox - one of it's strengths - is also its disappointment. The clutch is very heavy (to cope with the torque?) and the gearshift, esp from 3rd to 2nd (ie a city constant) is very obstructive, and ultimately tiring. My wife won't drive it!

The high 6th gear and low-down torque are great though. 2,500 lazy revs at 75mph gives excellent economy and means that if you need to put your foot down, there's still plenty of shove.

Motorway economy was typically 68 - 70 till I got some new 'stickier' tyres, and is now 4 or 5mpg less. At 120,000 mostly motorway miles, it remains a useful small hatchback, and appears to have plenty of life left in it. The boot is very small unless you fold a rear seat, so it's not a 'family' car. I like it's 'classlessness' and 'inoffensiveness' - no envy or aggressive reactions on the road!

Main agent servicing (Sytner) really disappointing - I'd had enough years ago.

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reviewed by Shoestring on 28 October 2010

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Road TaxD
MPG58.9 mpg
Real MPG90.5%

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