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Jeep Grand Cherokee (2011 on)


6.4 Hemi SRT Red Vapor Auto 5dr SUV

reviewed by Compost Corner on 8 August 2018
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Very practical and a lot of fun

A big, practical car with bags of power, a fabulous engine note and a huge thirst for unleaded.

If you do big mileages, the SRT might bankrupt you before long - filling the bathtub tank with premium unleaded is a painful experience for the wallet. Mixed driving 'economy' of around 16mpg is something to consider before buying a car like this, though you can eke out low 20s on the motorway.

The SRT exists for fun and it rarely fails to put a smile on your face. Acceleration is blistering and it will go all the way to 160mph. Even at low speeds, the 6.4l Hemi V8 makes a satisfying burble that will vibrate your trouser legs.

It is also a very practical vehicle - it's a Grand Cherokee after all and it's spacious and comfortable (most of the time).

An old design - based on the Merc ML - but updated over the years to iron out it's faults, don't expect great handling on twisty roads - it's happier on A Roads and motorways. Also, the 20in wheels with run-flat Pirelli P Zeros (quite the worst tyres I've ever experienced) give a harsh ride on broken surfaces, even in the softest air suspension setting.

Most of the cars I've owned have been fairly boring and I bought the SRT for a bit of fun.It's a daft car that you just can't take too seriously. In addition, I didn't want a diesel and the petrol Range Rovers, Cayennes and M5s are twice the price of the Jeep. And who's going to look back on a diesel with any affection?

I'll sell it in a few years and, no doubt, buy something comfortable like a Lexus RX450h but I'll always be glad I once had a Jeep with 470bhp.

And if you think the SRT's a bit mad, Jeep also make a 'Trackhawk' with 707bhp (6.2l supercharged) which US tuners are boosting to 1,000bhp+. So the SRT's pretty sensible really.

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About this car

Road TaxI–M
MPG16.5–40.4 mpg
Real MPG82.8%

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