Jaguar XK Convertible (2006 - 2015)

reviewed by Brian P on 14 October 2020
reviewed by Anonymous on 5 May 2019

4.2 Convertible Auto Open Car

reviewed by Brian P on 5 December 2013
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Excellent to drive and a joy to look at parked on the drive.

I'd previously owned the original model and bought this one last year when the urge returned to go topless once more. It was 6 years old with only 31k on the clock and it didn't disappoint. The noise it makes is superb, the old model was quiet whereas this one sounds like a V8, as it should. I've had no problems with it during the 13k that I've clocked up but I know that should there be any troubles, the service that I get from my local Jaguar dealer cannot be faulted (I've been using them for around 20 years). It's a much more modern interior than the original, it has all the toys that you'd need and I find it very easy to get comfortable. It's great to drive, has a beautiful gearbox and is more economical that my last one (33 mpg on a run at sensible speeds) although I'm not sure that this is particularly relevant in such a car. Servicing is costly but again, with this type of vehicle you can't expect to get services at Ford prices. Insurance is very reasonable and a good warranty can be purchased for around £900 (Warranty Direct). On the down side, because the hood retracts into the boot space you don't get a lot in there, having said that the car looks so much better for it and it's no hassle to raise or lower the hood.

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reviewed by davidb52 on 30 May 2013

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Road TaxM
MPG22.3–25.2 mpg
Real MPG96.9%

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