Jaguar F-Type Convertible (2013 on)


5.0 V8 450 Supercharged First Edition Auto 2dr

reviewed by Anonymous on 23 August 2023
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Phenomenal future classic

Since it came out, the F type has been my dream car. I never thought I would get the opportunity to own one with my history of cars owned to date largely being composed of “hot hatches.”

After deliberating for some time and seeing how affordable the F type has become, I decided to jump at the chance to buy a beautiful V8S Convertible in Satellite Grey with 15,000 miles on the clock.

The car is exhilarating. From the moment it is started, the raucous sound of the V8 erupts around you, the rumble of the engine exemplified through a beautifully made quad-exhaust system. The sound is incredibly unique, with only the exception of some V10s and V12 engines coming close to a comparison.

The ride is smooth and comfortable, with every light touch on the throttle reminding you of the beast within the F type so eager to escape. Then if you’re brave enough to; switching to the dynamic mode will unleash the aggression, giving the Jag its dose of steroids and allowing it to be set free.

The F type is beautiful, an incredible piece of artwork, entirely worthy of being the successor to the E-type and no doubt a future classic. The last of its kind, made with a license to thrill and no pandering to the qualms of unemployed eco-warriors.

Do note, the rear wheel drive system can get hairy. In the damp or wet you have to keep a light foot or the sheer power will send the car into what can only be described as a fishtail, but ease back the throttle and the car snaps back into its straight jacket, happy to opt for a more subtle guise. However, if you feel you want a car that can be driven in any weather, you may want to consider the AWD version. For me, the thrill of the RWD is exciting, gets the blood pumping and my inner Cheshire cat written all over my face.

Thinking of buying one? Do it. You wont regret it for a second. The car is magical.

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Road TaxG–M
MPG25.0–35.8 mpg
Real MPG99.6%

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