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Full hybrid premium

reviewed by Anonymous on 28 April 2021
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A good, stylish, quiet car

Tucson I replaced the Hyundai i40. A full hybrid Tucson, the Hyundai i40 was a diesel. So there is nothing to compare the dynamics and driving comfort between cars. Tuscon is quiet, stylish, dynamic. The car dealers will tell you praise :) Clearly pay attention to the warranty conditions. In my case, the warranty is only valid if the owner of the car does not change. Now about that what I missed in Tuscon:
- Relatively small fuel tank - only for 700 km can be fueled.
- There is no case for glasses above the mirror (it was very convenient in Hyunai i40). Instead, there is a help button that calls a Hyundai dealer if you press (I didn’t try, the dealer explained). Who needs it in these mobile phone times ??
- Case in the armrest - a large, deep black hole. If you put something there, it will be quite difficult to find and reach. Especially while driving. After all, it was not difficult to make removable partitions ?
- The rear passenger seat belt is fastened to the ceiling. Unfortunately, he does not fully attach there and makes sounds knocking while driving.
Conclusion after first 2000 km:
A good, stylish, quiet car. But the feeling is that it’s a step back in the quality on small details.

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